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Pool & Spa Service

For over 20 years, Pacific Pools has been providing opening, closing, regular cleaning, and the full range of repair services for residential and commercial clients in the central Ohio area.

Pool Openings

A typical pool opening involves the following activities:

  • Remove, clean, and store pool cover at client's site.
  • Fill pool with water, from closed level to operating level
  • De-winterize plumbing and equipment (remove plugs, plug drains in filters, etc)
  • Start system and check operation of all equipment.
  • Inspect the pool and system, including chemical feeders, filtration equipment, flow meters, pressure gauges, values, and underwater lights.
  • Mount ladders and any other equipment removed during closing.
  • Provide opening checklist to client, including a list of items needed before opening the pool to the public.
  • Apply initial dose of chemicals

Regular Cleanings (from six-day-a-week to bi-weekly)

  • Vacuum and clean the water line as needed, backwash or clean filter, and add water when necessary.
  • Clean out skimmer baskets.
  • Straighten deck furniture.
  • Thorough check of system, to include checking for leaks, proper operation of the pump, filter, and heater.
  • Thorough check of automatic chemical controller, to include checking chemical supplies, supply hoses, levels, error codes, etc.
  • Check and adjust chemicals to maintain chemistry within tolerances established by the American Public Health Association.

Pool Closing

  • Backwash filter.
  • Lower water to proper closing level.
  • Blow water out and put antifreeze in skimmer, return, and main drain lines
  • Plug returns and skimmers
  • Drain water and open or remove drain plugs from system (filter, pump, heaters, etc.)
  • Remove removable ladders and handrails.
  • Remove and store skimmer baskets.
  • Clean chemical feeders, drain and store hoses, lubricate filter system.
  • Apply winterization chemicals.
  • Install cover

Repair Services

  • Equipment (filters, pumps, heaters, chemical dispensers, etc) and associated plumbing and electrical support equipment
  • Automatic chemical controllers
  • Deck and pool equipment (lighting, ladders, etc.)

Spa and Hot Tub Services

  • Service all major brands
  • Complete range of repair services - shell, plumbing, pumps, heaters, electronics
  • Openings and closings
  • Spa moving

Pool and Spa Inspections

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